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Storytelling - Creative Development - Audience Growth - Podcast Strategy - Branded Entertainment - Writing (Fiction & Non-Fiction) - Consulting


Fiction and non-fiction character development, series format development, series and episode run of show and outlines.

Audience Growth

Identifying target audiences and markets, strategizing audio interaction and participation, and tracking audience growth and listenership.

Branded Entertainment

Developing and pitching branded content. Working directly with brands to identify the content goals and strategize a process of implementation. 

Writing (Fiction & Non-Fiction)

Content and character development, identifying season, and series arcs. Writing character descriptions, treatments, outlines, and scripts. Script consultation.

Creative Development

Defining the creative voice of the content before identifying the creative strategy, implementing a creative process, and managing the creative execution. 

Podcast Strategy

Identifying audio goals, comps, creative voice, strategic planning for platform, series, and episode launches. Researching, identifying, and booking on-air and on-screen talent. Strategic planning for podcast video components, budgeting, monetization, partnerships, social media strategy, sponsorship, ad sales, and cross-promotion. Strategizing episode release and production schedule. Hiring and managing production staff.


Developing a department staffing plan, and creative strategy, and Identifying roles and responsibilities of staff. Creating content mission statement, best practices, marketing strategy, production management, and operations.

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